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Request to Distribute Course Materials.

Thank you for visiting this page and respecting the intelectual property of We are glad that you have found these lessons helpful and that you want to share them with others. You can use this page to help generate a request for authorization to distribute VoiceOver-Easy lesson materials. However, before you proceed, please consider the following.

While recognizes that not everyone can access the web, it is important to note that there are many advantages to viewing the web based version of First, the material on the web site encompasses multiple lessons on a variety of topics, and that the list is constantly growing. Second, the materials on the web site are updated regularly with new features as Apple makes enhancements to VoiceOver and iOS. There are also links to definitions and explanations which will not work in other formats. Finally, the web site gives you the ability to interact with and give us suggestions for improvements, or topics you would like to see covered. This helps us constantly improve our site and allows others to share in the benefits of your ideas.

In order to request authorization to distribute course materials, please fill out the following form. Remember, you do NOT need to request authorization to create single copies of each lesson for your personal use. The form will generate an email message which you can send to the web master. Please do not begin reproducing materials until you receive a response.

Request Form to Distribute Course Materials
1. Tell about yourself.

2. Which device types do you wish to produce materials for?
3. What iOS versions are you reproducing these materials for?
4. Which Lessons would you like to distribute?
Unit 1: VoiceOver Basics

Unit 2: Creating and Managing Contacts
Unit 3: Phone Features
Unit 4: Email and Text Messaging

Unit 5: Let's Talk

Unit 6: It's About Time

Unit 7: Security & Privacy

5. How many copies of each lesson and supplemental materials would you like to make?

6. Other information:

Terms of Use.

I understand that I am not to distribute any course materials in any format until written authorization is received from, and that I will distribute only the amounts and versions I have requested above. If additional copies are needed, I will request them using this form. I also agree to include the cover sheet with each distributed copy and to include the copyright notice and the web site at the bottom of the first and last page of each copy, or at the beginning and end of each audio/Video reproduction.

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